Career Services

A service we offer students at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology is assisting them with their job search after graduation. Through continual contact with industry-related companies and business leaders, our Career Services department cultivates employment opportunities. While no college can guarantee students a job when they graduate, our career services department provides multiple services to students and alumni.

Spartan offers hands-on and theory based training to prepare students for entry level employment in the aviation industry and related fields.
Spartan College student admissions

Job search resources provided to students after they graduate include:

  • Career placement assistance 
  • Resume & Cover Letter Development 
  • On-campus Career Fairs and recruitment events (Check out our Events page for more details)
  • Interviewing skills
  • Tips for building a social media presence \

For employers looking for Career Fair Details or to Register to participate, please visit our career fair page. 

Refresher Courses for Alumni

In support of Spartan’s mission and to encourage lifelong learning, Spartan graduates are permitted to participate in alumni refresher training. Subject to space availability, graduates can audit a class they have already taken, take an updated version of a course already taken, or learn about new equipment/software within the same program. There is no tuition charge for graduates who participate; however, retraining is limited to the program from which the student graduated, and other fees, laboratory supplies, books, tools, etc., may apply. Please see the campus academic department for more information. Refresher training is not eligible to earn college credits, nor is it eligible for financial aid.


Looking for guidance for your next interview? We can help. Each of our graduates should develop a resume that highlights their specific experiences, skills, and education. You can find more information about resume writing below. The templates provided was developed from feedback that our aviation partners have provided to Spartan around what their teams look for in their next hire. Feel free to use these templates as a starting point and then revise based on your background. Please contact Career Services for further assistance.

Resume Templates

Cover Letter Templates

Thank You Letter Templates

Thank you’s are an important part of the interview process.  Worst case, your Thank You will be ignored.  Best case, if done correctly, it will improve the impression you left after the interview, potentially making you stand out over your competitors (because so few send them)!  Here is an example of Thank You notes. Remember to tailor it to your interviewer, their company, and the conversation you had with them.

Post-interview Thank You’s

Graduation Forms

(Must be completed and submitted to complete graduation requirements.)

Career Services Graduation Packet (Printable)

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