Why Choose Spartan College 
of Aeronautics and Technology

Years Training Pilots and Technicians
Aircraft Fleet Available for Training at our Tulsa Flight Facility
Techs and Pilots Trained

Here are 10 reasons why Spartan might be the right choice for you:

Successfully trained more than 100,000 technicians and pilots over the past 90+ years
Nationally accredited
FAA approved programs (varies by program)
Diploma and Degree options (varies by location)
Personalized attention given to each student
Qualified Instructors
Financial aid and Scholarships available for those who qualify
Tutoring available for academic and technical courses
Hands-on Training
On-campus career placement recruitment events and ongoing graduate career services support

1. Enduring History

2. Accreditation

Spanning over 95 years, Spartan College has trained more than 100,000 technicians and pilots. Join our training legacy.
Spartan College maintains accreditation, ensuring that our programs meet established standards of quality.
Our FAA-approved Aviation Maintenance Technology (Airframe & Powerplant) and Aviation Flight programs are tailored to meet industry demands and standards. Whether your training focuses on maintaining or flying aircraft, you can rest assured knowing Spartan is committed to delivering an education that meets the standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration.
Choose from various diploma and degree programs (options vary by location) tailored to industry training needs. Whether you prefer a more focused diploma program or an expanded degree program, Spartan College offers options to suit your needs and training goals.

3. FAA-Approved Programs

4. Diverse Program Options

5. Personalized Attention

6. Qualified Faculty

Experience hands-on, personalized attention at Spartan College. Faculty and staff are committed to providing individualized support and guidance to meet your training needs. From academic advising to career placement assistance, Spartan strives to help students navigate the training journey.
Learn from faculty who bring real-world experience into the classroom, sharing their knowledge and skills with you.
Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Spartan College is committed to helping you develop a plan to finance your education.
Access tutoring support during your training experience. Whether you need assistance with challenging courses or want to strengthen your skills, our faculty are here to provide resources to reinforce learning.

7. Financial Aid

8. Tutoring Support

9. Hands-On Training

10. Career Placement Support

Immerse yourself in hands-on training that simulates real-world scenarios. At Spartan College, learning how to maintain and fly aircraft goes beyond traditional lecture material by providing you with practical and interactive learning opportunities.
Take advantage of on-campus career placement recruitment events and graduate career services support. From resume building to interview preparation, Spartan College is committed to helping you prepare for entry-level job opportunities.

Interested in Learning More?

If you would like to learn more about Spartan College and our program offerings, fill out the form below to request information, and we will have one of our admissions representatives contact you.
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