Why Train In Aviation Electronics Technology (Avionics)?

Trained technicians secure the safety of flight. Our program is designed to teach students entry-level technical skills in electronics that are applicable in aviation as well as other industries. Students study FAA regulations and learn the proper use of basic tools and test equipment, study electronic theory, high-reliability soldering and wiring, and have hands-on training in the installation, troubleshooting, and repair of electronic and avionics systems.

Those who graduate from the AET Program at Spartan College have been trained in theories and skills used across many different positions and industries. This includes but is not limited to Aerospace, Communications, Simulator Development, Robotics, UAV, production, renewable energy and beyond.


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What is Aviation Electronics?

Aviation Electronics Technology (AET), also known as Avionics, deals with aircraft electronic equipment and is a specific field of electronics. Avionics incorporates equipment including radios, navigation equipment, autopilot, cables, entertainment systems, and more. It is vital that these systems be in optimal working order and not interfere with one another for the safety of the aircraft. Our program offers a combination of classroom theory and hands-on lab training. 

Topics you’ll learn about include:

  • Communication and navigation systems
  • Gyroscopes and autopilot systems
  • Instrumentation and controls
  • Pulse microwave systems (Radar)
  • Unmanned aerial systems (Drones)
  • AC, DC, and digital electronics

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Part of the Demand for Airline Technicians

*New Civil Aviation Pilots
*New Maintenance Technicians
# of Pilots/Technicians needed to fly and maintain the North America fleet over the next 20 years 
according to the Boeing Pilot Technician Outlook 2021 – 2040.
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Hear From Our Graduates

Meet Priscilla, she is a recent Bachelor’s graduate from our Aviation Electronics Program. Pricilla came in to Spartan College with a passion for flying and found what she was looking for in aviation. She proves that the aviation electronics field is not just for men!

Sample Aviation Electronics Technology (Avionics) Classes

The program specialty classes provide shop, flight line testing, and repair facilities for navigation, communications, and radar equipment. Spartan College classes use electronic trainers and instruments from Snap-On, BK Precision, Lab-Volt, Tektronix, Garmin, Michel, and Linaire among others. Spartan College is focused on teaching students the fundamentals of avionics. Much like other courses at Spartan College, aviation electronics provide a balance between the lab and lecture.

  • ELT1003 – Amplifiers and Power Control Devices
  • ELT1005 – Industrial Controls and Robotics
  • AVN2001 – Aerospace Soldering and Inspection
  • AVN2002 – Aerospace Wiring
  • AVN2003 – Avionics Communication Systems
  • AVN2004 – Navigation and Instrumentation
  • AVN2005 – Radar and Pulse Systems
  • AVN2007 – Unmanned Aerial Systems and Robotics

For a Full List of Classes Choose a Campus

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Broomfield, Colorado

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