25 Oct 2013


Congratulations on completing your education at Spartan and beginning a on your path to a rewarding new career.

Spartan alumni are as diverse as the aerospace industry itself. Some are distinguished military veterans, while others are space shuttle technicians, airline pilots, aircraft mechanics, quality control or nondestructive testing technicians and HVAC professionals. We are extremely proud of our hundreds of thousands of graduates who came to Spartan from every virtually every continent in the world.

spartan pilot1

We hope this Alumni Page provides a venue for communication between your alma mater and your fellow classmates. Whether you are a recent graduate or have been in the industry for some time, please keep in touch with us and with other Spartan graduates by communicating your thoughts and sharing your insights.

As a Spartan alumnus, you have earned lifetime career placement services. Be sure to take advantage of this page as a resource to request needed transcripts, keep your contact information up to date, and above all, share your memorable Spartan experiences.

No matter where your career has taken you, as a Spartan graduate you share a common bond: a Spartan education. You are part of a network of highly trained and skilled professionals that have – and are continuing – to shape the future of the aeronautics industry. Your contributions will help pave the way for the success of the next generation of Spartan graduates.

Spartan, where “Knowledge and Skill Overcome Superstition and Luck.”