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Graduate Career Services

Each graduate should develop a resume that highlights his/her specific experiences, skills and education. However, the templates provided below were developed from feedback employers have provided Spartan. It is recommended to consider using these templates as a starting point and then revising based on your individual skills, experience and education. Please contact Graduate Career Services (GCS) if assistance is needed. To ensure your resume is kept on file, email completed resume to any of the Career Services staff:

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Brittany Henderson

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Corey O’Brien

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Ethel Jones

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Cary LaLonde

Resume Templates

Cover Letter Templates

Thank You Letter Templates

Thank you’s are an important part of the interview process.  Worst case, your Thank You will be ignored.  Best case, if done correctly, it will improve the impression you left after the interview, making you stand out over your competitors (because so few send them)!  Here is an example of Thank You notes.  Remember to tailor it to your interviewer, their company, and the conversation you had with them!

Post-interview Thank You’s

GCS Graduation Forms

(Must be completed and submitted to complete graduation requirements.)

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