Transcript Request

Spartan College Current Students, Alumni, & Third-Party Verifiers

Due to federal privacy laws, academic transcripts cannot be released without a signed Spartan College Transcript Request. We use Parchment Services for this process. You can access Parchment by clicking on the link below. Requests may be submitted at any time and payments will be required based on the fee structure listed below. Official transcripts will be provided via a digital watermarked paper and sent directly to your requested party. Transcripts will no longer be considered “official” if they are received outside of Parchment Services for Alumni and Third-Party Verification Services.

Please allow 2-3 business days for the processing of document requests.

Records Office Fee Schedule:

Official Transcripts: $15.00 per each request

Enrollment Verification: $15.00 per each request

Education Verification: $15.00 per each request

Replacement Diploma: $25.00 per each request

Transcripts on file from your previous high school(s) or other colleges will not be duplicated or provided by Spartan College. You must contact other schools directly for these transcript requests.

Use the link below to access your transcript request via Parchment Services. Current students, please contact the Records Office if you need a copy of your official transcript or enrollment verifications. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the Registration Services Department.

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