20 Jan 2019

The Need for Women in Aviation

Since its inception, the aviation industry has utilized the contributions of women as integral in the development of the aviation industry. Women have made breakthroughs in every sector of the industry from developing new technology to piloting aircraft to aviation maintenance. Despite the role women have played as technicians, inventors, designers, and aviators, there is a shockingly low representation of women in aviation. Only 3% of pilots worldwide are women. In the United States, we are barely ahead of the national average with 4.4% of our pilots being women.

Women in Pilot Training

Boeing estimates that by 2034 we will need 558,00 more licensed pilots to fill the needs of the industry and the growing demand for air travel. Airlines recognize that with only 3% representation, women are one of the largest sources of candidates for commercial pilot training. A large number of airlines has instituted initiatives to inspire female pilots and convince more women to complete pilot training.

From the EasyJet Amy Johnson Initiative to Virgin Atlantic’s Future Flyers program, there are plenty of growing career opportunities targeted towards women in aviation. As airlines encourage women to join the fleet as pilots, there are a growing number of female scholarships for aviation school. Below is a short list of available scholarships for women interested in completing pilot training.

Thanks to these many opportunities for women to join the aviation industry and to aid with aviation schools, the industry is hoping to see an uptick in the percentage of women pilots to help fill the industry needs.

The Changing Image of Airline Pilots

Airlines traditionally have advertised their services by representing men as pilots and women as flight attendants. This dichotomy is beginning to break down as an increasing number of airlines are trying to tap into a new resource: women with pilot licenses. Female pilots can now be seen represented in advertisements and informational material around the world.

As more and more women complete pilot training and become instructors, industry experts believe the industry will be more inviting for aspiring female pilots. If you are a young woman whose dream is to become a pilot, be sure to explore the pilot training program at Spartan College.