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15 Jul 2017

Pilot Careers That Really Get Off The Ground!


Being a pilot is one of the most prestigious jobs in the world. You get to travel the world, and the pay can be pretty good. A pilot’s career offers a great opportunity but how do you become a pilot? At Spartan College, our pilot training program can help you go from no flight experience to having a pilot license in just 33 months!

Commercial Airline Pilot

When most people think of pilot careers, they think of traditional pilots, who fly commercial airliners. If you’ve ever flown in a commercial airplane than you’ve flown under a commercial pilot. Commercial airlines offer a great career opportunity, with the average pilot earning $105,000 per year.

There is a lot of responsibility in this job. Hundreds of lives could be in your hands. At the same time, being a commercial airline pilot offers a very prestigious career that also comes with many perks, like you and your family might qualify for free flights.

Cargo Pilot

It’s not just passengers that fly via airplanes, but also cargo. Goods can be shipped very quickly from one place to another on a cargo jet.

With cargo flights, you don’t have to worry about passengers and all the rest. You just focus on flying. Cargo pilots still enjoy much of the same prestige, excellent salaries, and other benefits that airline pilots enjoy.

Crop Dusting Pilot

Maybe large jumbo jets aren’t your thing. No worries, there are plenty of other opportunities for pilots. One such career opportunity is as a crop dusting pilot. You’ll usually fly smaller airplanes that will spray crop fields with pesticides and other needed chemicals.

Let Your Dreams Take Wing

To reach the skies you will have to take flight courses to become a licensed pilot. Enrolling in a pilot course, at Spartan College will help you secure your high-skied dreams of being a pilot. No matter what direction you want to take your flying career in, there are plenty of opportunities. When it comes to a career as a pilot, the sky truly is the limit!