Child on beach with hands up to sky
19 Aug 2015

9 Ways to Celebrate National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day is today, August 19th and there are a lot of things you can do to celebrate! This day is celebrated each year to recognize the day Orville Wright was born, a legendary individual that together with his brother invented and flew the world’s first flying machine in 1903.

How do you intend to celebrate this enormous accomplishment? Well for starters it is important to realize that celebrating the day is in itself an act of patriotism – so here are a list of activities and events to take part in on this great country’s National Aviation Day:

1. Strike an Eagle Pose
One of the best and most common ways of demonstrating your recognition of the day is to spread your arms as if you are eagle in front of a plane and have a friend take a picture. Post your picture on social media with the hashtags #NationalAviationDay and #SpreadYourWings. Don’t forget to like Spartan College on Facebook!

2. Visit an Air and Space Museum
Typically every city has an aviation themed museum near their airport.

*Near Tulsa? Check out the Tulsa Air and Space Museum with permanent exhibits from Spartan. Hours: Tues-Sat 10am-4pm
*Near LA? Check out the California Science Center’s Air & Space Exhibition. Hours: daily 10am-5pm

3. Watch a Movie about Aviation
If you plan to stay at home, then you can celebrate the National Aviation Day by watching an aviation themed movie. Watch hit films such as Top Gun, Flight of the Phoenix, The Aviator and our favorite, Memphis Belle.

4. Take a Flight Lesson
Always wanted to fly a plane but never had a chance or the nerve? Check out some of these great deals this week on Groupon:

*60% off flight simulator experiences – in Tulsa, OK
*$29 Drone School Course with Certificate – National
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5. Make an Airplane
Why not try a homemade airplane kit that you can put together on your own or with friends and family? Another fun idea is to make tiny miniature models of airplanes. Or, take it back to grade school and grab a piece of paper, fold it into a plane and shoot it across the room!

6. Send a Post to NASA or the FAA
On National Aviation Day, NASA asks people to post their air travel experience and stories and hashtag #NationalAviationDay. The received some great stories last year – so see if you can try to top them!

7. Enjoy a Picnic near an Airport
Chances are you live near an airport. Grab a blanket and a light lunch and take in the extraordinary scenery as planes go in and out.

8. Be Nice to a Flight Attendant
Planning on traveling this week? Make sure to be extra nice to your flight attendant (as you should always) and hey, you never know, you could end up with an extra snack or pillow for your flight!

9. Read an Aviation Book
If you enjoy reading, then take some time out to visit your local library to read a book about aviation history. Check out Amazon’s top 20 books about Aviation.