Train to be a Pilot in the Aviation Flight Program

Two Pilots Training in Spartan College's Aviation Flight Program
March 7, 2020
Train to be a Pilot in the Aviation Flight Program

At Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology, we offer our students flight training to become a pilot. We also like to stay informed about industry news in the aviation world, and right now, the airline industry is experiencing a pilot shortage that looks like it may only increase with time. 


According to CNN, the FAA reported that there were about 827,000 pilots in America in 1987. Since then, the number of pilots has decreased significantly. According to the FAA statistics on US Civil Airmen, there were just 664,565 pilots in 2019. That’s a big fall in numbers, especially as global demand for air travel stays strong. 


On top of that, CNN reports that Congress “changed the duty time rules in 2010 to mitigate pilot fatigue issues,” resulting in airlines needing 5-8% more staff to cover the same flight schedule. CNN also notes that “a 2016 report by Boeing shows that 42% of the pilots currently flying for the major airlines in the United States will reach their mandatory retirement age of 65 in the next 10 years”.  According to CNBC this past June, “Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg believes a growing shortage of pilots represents “one of the biggest challenges” facing the airline industry.” It’s clear that there is across-the-board concern about this gap of qualified pilots.


If you think you’re up to the challenge of training to fly an airplane, you can take your first step at Spartan. 


Aviation Training at Spartan College


Spartan College’s long history of aviation training in Oklahoma goes all the way back to 1928. Throughout the course of nearly a century of flight training, Spartan College has trained thousands of students how to fly through its FAA part 141 approved curriculum, allowing you to train for your pilot certificates and learn to soar through the skies. 


Spartan College’s associate’s program is 17 months and you could be in the air within the first few weeks. After finishing this part of pilot training, you may earn additional flight hours by applying to work as a certified flight instructor. We also offer a bachelor’s degree, which you can apply to and work on at the same time. 


Why Choose Spartan College For Flight Training?


Spartan College is home to a fleet of more than 45 aircrafts and three flight simulators. Training received at this facility may be used to qualify for several different certifications, including: 


  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Airplane Multi- and Single-Engine
  • Certified Flight Instructor Certificate
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument


In addition, because Spartan College is FAA Part 141 approved, the minimum number of flight hours required for certain licenses may be reduced. 


When you choose to train to become a pilot at Spartan College, you will be exposed to all the material the Federal Aviation Administration requires. Spartan College also offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Please contact Spartan College today to learn more about enrolling in the Aviation Flight training program. 

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