I started my training with Spartan College a little later than many others. I was already working in the field on P25 encrypted radio systems. When the company made cutbacks I evaluated what I wanted to do next. The decision to go to Spartan fit in with my interests and represented a good career progression for me. I wanted to work on airplanes and was interested in avionics and electronics. I obtained my associate degree in Avionics from Spartan.

Currently, I’m working as a Field Avionics Technician with General Atomics, working on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. I have been with General Atomics since 2013. My training with Spartan was a great training ground for this position. Especially the systems courses. I was able to have a good understanding of all the basic systems and it has helped me immensely.

I love what I do and get so much satisfaction knowing that I’m involved in keeping our country safe working alongside our military.

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