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Spartan College | Pilot Careers at SkyWest
August 25, 2021 | 6 p.m. CST

Flight Event
Virtual Event
Wondering about Pilot Careers at SkyWest? On Wednesday, August 25th at 6 pm CT, Spartan College and SkyWest are teaming up to give you insight into a career as a pilot at SkyWest and aviation flight training at Spartan College. Presenting will be Captain Kyle Wong, Spartan alum and SkyWest pilot, and Beau Schrader, Spartan College Vice President of Flight Operations.
August 25th | 6 -7 pm CT

About This Event

Pilot Careers at SKYWEST

Find out more about the journey from Cadet to  Captain Kyle Wong will be sharing his personal experience from flight training at Spartan to Captain at the U.S.’s largest regional carrier and answering your questions.


Pathway terms and availability may be subject to change.



Find out more about our aviation training program as we talk about a day in the life of flight a student. In as few as 17 months, complete our FAA Part 141-approved associate degree (AAS) in Aviation Flight. Fly toward your six certifications and ratings* in our new fleet of Piper Archers.


*Certification Disclosure


The SkyWest Pilot Career Pathway (“Pathway**”) is intended to provide SkyWest with a pipeline of prospective pilots. The Pathway is available to interested Spartan College students who are enrolled in the Aviation Flight Degree Program (“Program”). Spartan students in the Pathway may be eligible for a sign-on bonus from SkyWest subject to meeting specific benchmarks within the Program and after graduation. Any sign-on bonus is paid by SkyWest directly to the student and requires a contract between SkyWest and the student. Spartan College is not a party to any contract between SkyWest and the student. Graduates of the Program are not eligible for employment as a pilot with SkyWest until logging 1,250 flight hours post-graduation. Employment with SkyWest is not guaranteed. Students in the Pathway may also be eligible for a Spartan College scholarship. See the Student Catalog for additional details.



Jeremy Cooper

Jeremy Cooper is the Regional Vice President of Admissions for Spartan's Aviation Flight program in Tulsa, OK. His number one job - helping our students get familiar with Spartan and get ready to start class.

Jeremy's favorite part about working at Spartan is when a student makes that first connection on how to make their dream a reality. His motto, “supporting students first and foremost.” It's what we're all about at Spartan.

Beau Schrader

Beau’s favorite part about working for Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology is working directly with the students and helping them achieve new skills and goals. Just don’t be late for class, as that is one of his biggest pet peeves. Beau actually grew up in the Spartan community – he got his training at Spartan and then started as a Certified Flight Instructor.

Beau is now the Vice President of Flight Operations and provides both strategic and tactical direction for the flight operational leadership team providing safe and efficient operations of the Flight school.

Kyle Wong

Kyle Wong started at Spartan in July of 2014 and finished CFI and CFII in January of 2016. He was hired by Spartan that same month, and shortly after he received his MEI. He was a Gold Seal instructor and signed off more than 25 students for Check Rides.

Kyle left Spartan after reaching 1250 hours total time to further his career at SkyWest Airlines. Kyle has been with SkyWest since March of 2017 and became a Captain in August of 2019. Kyle aspires to be a Line Check Airman at SkyWest and has hopes of moving on to a Major before the age of 30.
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