30 Mar 2015

Student Housing (DEN)

Our housing coordinator helps students arrange safe, affordable housing in nearby apartments or rental homes. This often allows students of the same age, gender, and school program to share housing costs, carpool to and from school and develop new friendships.

Independent or Shared Housing Options

We realize that our students have unique housing needs. Some would like the cost efficiency and comradery of shared housing, while other would prefer independent housing.

Independent housing can be ideal for older students, couples, families, tenants with pets and those who prefer no roommates.

Shared housing options are ideal for those looking for the most cost-effective form of living and have some flexibility.


We offer our students affordable housing in a non-affordable market. One of the ways that we are able to do this is through EDUrent.com.

EDUfind: Will help you find the best deals in student housing, friendly options, and terms.

EDUmate: Roommate matching made easy. Connect with other students attending our school!

EDUfund: Saving for anything is difficult. Let EDUfund help you start saving today!

Need More Information? 
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