Avocational Private Pilot (FAA Part 61) - Flying

Train for Your Private Pilot Certificate

The private pilot course is designed for students wishing to learn the skills and information to take the FAA exam for private pilot certification (license). The private pilot license allows you to act as pilot in command of most single engine aircraft carrying passengers for pleasure (not for reimbursement) in fair weather conditions. Fair weather conditions are also known as the Visual Flight Rule (VFR) which means there are no clouds or other weather disturbances. While the FAA only requires 40 flight hours to sit for the exam, mastering the skills needed often takes additional time so our course requires 65 hours.

Successful completion is measured by mastery of the skills and information based on FAA required levels of competency, and not the sixty-five (65) minimum flight hours. Upon successful completion of the FAA Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land Practical Test, students will receive a certificate of completion. At that time, students are eligible to take the exam with the FAA for the Private Pilot Certificate. This course is not vocational and does not lead to initial employment.

Cessna 172 in Flight


  • King Schools online ground school curriculum
  • FAA Part 61 course
  • Fly Cessna 172s
  • Pay as you go
  • Part-time avocational course
0 Hrs
Online Ground Instruction*
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Total Flight Time*

*Minimums include 25 Hours of Online Ground Instruction, 30 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction, and 10 Hours of Solo Flight Training (40 Hours of Total Minimum Flight).

Spartan Instructor showing student plane

What Procedures Will I Learn?

Online Learning & In-Person Instruction

The 25 hour online ground course will help prepare you for the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test.

And, the flight course includes 65 hours of dual flight instructions and ten (10) hours of solo flight training in a Cessna 172s that will help prepare you for the FAA Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land Practical Test.

Spartan Students Looking Under Plane
Spartan student flying plane

Basic Prerequisites

**All minors will need parental permission. The “private pilot check ride” occurs at the end of the course.

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Questions? Here’s what you need to know about Spartan College’s avocational private pilot training course:

Minors will need parental permission. Must be 16 years of age. The FAA requires a person to be 16 years of age to solo and 17 years of age to take the private pilot check ride. The “private pilot check ride” occurs at the end of the course. Medical certifications required prior to start are: Current Basic Med, Third (3rd) Class or Higher FAA Medial Certificate.

The planes that you will be flying on are Cessna 172s. No flight simulators will be used to replace actually flying.

Maneuvers taught include:

  • Landings and Go-arounds
  • Performance Maneuvers
  • Ground Reference Maneuvers
  • Navigation
  • Slow-flight and Stalls
  • Basic Instrument Maneuvers
  • Emergency Operations
  • Night Operations
  • Post-flight Procedures

You must be at least 16 years old to enroll in this course and fly solo with parental permission.
At 17 years of age you can take the private pilot check ride which is performed at the end of the course.