Ryan Hampshire

ryan hampshire testimonial headshot

Year Graduated: 2020
Program: Aviation Maintenance Technology
Degree Earned: Associate
Name of Employer: West star Aviation
Location of Employer: Grand junction CO
Job Title: A&P mechanic tech 1

Why did you select Spartan College and your program of study?

Location and great reviews, took a tour and looked like a great place to start my A&P career.

How did Spartan College successfully prepare you for your career?

Gave me the basic knowledge in anything i might run into in the field, you still have a lot to learn once you get to the field but spartan gives you the mental tools to be able to understand anything you will run into there hasn’t been one thing that i was clueless on since I got into the industry.

Please describe your career path and how you got to where you are today (Including degrees earned).

I earned my associates in A&P mechanics and got my A&P certificate. It took me a little over a year and half to finish it all. I joined West star by hearing them present at the Spartan and decided it sounded like a good company. They hired me for 24$ an hour plus guaranteed overtime. Doing basic A&P work as a tech 1 learning as much as I can.