Ross Michael Alexander

Ross Michael Alexander

Year Graduated: 2018

Program: Aviation Maintenance Technology

Degree Earned: Diploma

Name of Employer: Boeing

Location of Employer: Everett, WA.

Job Title: Aircraft Test Technician A


Why did you select Spartan College and your program of study?

This school and location has a great reputation.


How did Spartan College successfully prepare you for your career?

It wasn’t just the material the school presented, it was the instructors, in particular Kim Ward, Steve Arden and Tim Guerrero bent over backwards to help us.


Please describe your career path and how you got to where you are today (Including degrees earned). 

I finished Spartan with a 3.8 GPA, a degree in Aviation Science, FAA A&P Certification and an award for Outstanding Technician


How has your education made a difference in your life?

I’ve got a great job testing the KC-46A tanker Boeing is building for the USAF.


What advice do you have for current students?

ASA Test Prep software, take those tests 10000 times and then by the time you get to the tests that count you’ll crush it.


Please describe the ways that Spartan College faculty and staff impacted you.

In addition to the 3 instructors I mentioned before, the rest of the staff from intake to financial support to career services made a huge impact on the success I had.

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