Robert McRae

Robert McRae
“I instructed at Spartan after completing my training in August 1975 until August 1976. I then went to Lakeland, Fl., for about a year as an instructor and pilot for two small companies. I ended up in Raleigh, NC in 1978 where I flew for three corporations and did some charter. In October 1985 I took a job flying King Airs for Conner Homes in Morehead City, NC. In early 1987 I flew as a copilot for RJ Reynolds in Winston-Salem, NC for two years on a Falcon 50, Gulfstream II and Gulfstream III. In spring 1989 I was offered a job with the Glaxo Pharmaceuticals flight department as a captain on a Gulfstream III, IV, and a Hawker 800 in Raleigh again. After a CEO change in 1994 I was laid off and eventually went to work flying a Hawker 800 for Oakwood Homes in Greensboro, NC. In 1996 I heard that Executive Jet was hiring captains to fly Gulfstream III’s. I started at Executive Jet in November 1996 where I retired in June 2016 after flying the Gulfstream III, IV, V and the 550. I was fortunate to have been a handful of pilots who had flown all the then current Gulfstream types–I, II, III, IV, V, and the 550.

I now live in Bethany, NC with my wife. I haven’t flown anything since retirement, but am getting the itch to fly for fun. We’ll see!

All these jobs afforded me the opportunity to fly the world over and see so many beautiful cities and countries. The GI Bill and Spartan started me on this wonderful career.”
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