Robert Hampton

In the Marine Corps, Robert spent four years in the infantry later moving over to combat life-saving before becoming a civilian EMS. Robert then moved to Oklahoma to continue practicing EMS. While in Oklahoma, Robert learned about Spartan College and decided that the Aviation Electronics Technology training was for him. He graduated from Spartan College in 2016 with his diploma. Currently, Robert works for TriMedx repairing health professional electronics equipment.
I spent about four years in the Marine Corps, doing infantry. After that I got into combat life-saving for about a year or two, toward the end of my four years. That's what got me into civilian EMS. I grew up in the Dakotas – North Dakota and South Dakota.

I moved down to Oklahoma to continue doing EMS, when I found out about Spartan and their avionics program. A lot of teachers are my age and so that they were they were easy to talk with. I loved fundamentals – the very first day you're already soldering and building components onto a board.

I graduated in September of 2016. I work at St. John's where we actually work inside the hospital – work down in the basement. We take all their electronics, anything and everything nurses and doctors touch, we work on, that has power to it.

We've got an excellent avionics course. Everything I learned from fundamentals all the way up to digital, we use every day in the field. I do recommend Spartan. What Spartan teaches I think is above and beyond what these companies can get from other schools. My very first day I have components thrown in front of me and I knew exactly what to do and what was wrong with thanks to Spartan.
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