Ramiro Obledo

Graduate Ramiro Obledo, was a Marine Corp mechanic on Cobras and Hueys. Upon completion of his military service, he decided to pursue his dreams of working on large aircraft.

Today, Ramiro works as a Clean Line Technician with SpaceX and recommends Spartan College because of their fast-paced, hands-on programs.
I was born in Culver City, California – and I grew up in Venice. I always wanted to make something about myself, which made me decide to join the Marine Corps. I was a mechanic on Cobras and Huey's. I chose helicopters; I loved it. I got out and I wanted to keep going. And I came to this school afterwards. And I’m completed now.

It doesn't take a long time to finish. Eighteen months is pretty quick for somebody that wants to finish school right away and that's what got me coming here.

The benefits I receive from the Marine Corps helped me out a lot. They paid for my school which made me just focus on school. The teachers here, staff, they teach you everything. All the students also they help each other out.

I would highly recommend a friend to come here. Not just a friend, but anybody that wants to be a mechanic. It's a great school. You finish it quick, right away. My dream job is always to be a to be working on big aircraft. I always like the aircraft; I always like to see them fly. I always want to make sure they fly safely to take people where they need to go.

This career takes you anywhere you want to go. Other states, around the country, or even around the world. You could work anywhere you want as long as you want to do it.
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