Paul Borbiliac

Paul Borbiliac testimonial

Year Graduated: 2020
Program: Aviation Maintenance Technology
Degree Earned: Associate
Name of Employer: Paul Borbiliac
Location of Employer: Longmont, CO
Job Title: Airway Transportation Systems Specialist (FAA)

Why did you select Spartan College and your program of study?

As an accredited institution Spartan was a well known name in the Aviation industry, compared to other rates of tuition Spartan was very affordable and there instructors were very knowledgeable on subjects. They also worked very well with veteran programs, and look for ways to help with tuition assistance.

How did Spartan College successfully prepare you for your career?

The course material and instructors covered all subjects very well, there was more then enough time for help after class for students that struggled more then others. As long as you applied yourself in class and study and prepped on your off time you should do fine.

Please describe your career path and how you got to where you are today (Including degrees earned).

Once I started my classes, I began going to job fairs to see what's the Aviation industry was looking for in Avionics Technology. I began building my resume for specific sectors in the Avionics industry and doing mock interviews. During my final semester/term I went to all types of job fairs not just school provided ones. My previous experience and degree help pave the way for the career I'm in now.

How has your education made a difference in your life?

Completely changed my life from living paycheck to paycheck, I now have a career and salary worth something.

What advice do you have for current students?

Apply yourself more while in class, volunteer for projects, study in your off time.


Please describe the ways that Spartan College faculty and staff impacted you.

They provided me the opportunity to make a change in my life.

How did Spartan Prepare you for your day to day responsibilities? What tools and equipment do you use?

They provided me with the basic requirements to enter the industry I'm in and prepped for all the tests and concept theory of this industry.

What have been some of the high points of your career?

Learning the new systems and technology that's shaping the future of Aviation, traveling to different states as part of my job.

Please share any additional comments or information, including your future goals, professional involvement and community service activities.

To go from entry level to a certified technician and maybe go to different sectors, also part of the national Union.

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