Patrick Dinsmore

Graduate Patrick Dinsmore, originally wanted to go to an aviation school for Air Traffic Control, but decided on Aviation Maintenance Technology after looking at schools and found Spartan’s high rankings and class time is split half with class time and shop time.

Today, Patrick works with AAR, and recommends Spartan College because they prepare you right for the transition from school to career.

I knew I had always wanted to do something with like aviation. And when I first started looking for what I wanted to do with my life, I originally wanted to go for air traffic controller and then settled on aviation maintenance after that.

When I started looking for schools, I started with the FAA website and at the time it was the number three school. That really drew me to it, and I like the fact that it's 50/50 classroom and shop time.

While going through Spartan I met a lot of great friends that I'll keep in touch throughout my career, and possibly help me during my career. And the teachers while going through Spartan we're a great help. They help you understand even if you're not understanding the material. They'll sit down with you and help you through this stuff and make sure you understand it before they send you on.

Spartan had banners talking about the bridge program and I wanted to look into it more. The bridge program, what it is, is it's to help you transfer from going to school and going into the real world of aviation. AAR had some really great benefits. So I decided to take the job at AAR with the bridge program. While I'm working, it's allowing me to make a living while I'm still going toward getting my certificate, taking all my tests.

When I first started here, I started working on the 737s. After that, I went down to Allegiant Airlines and I've been working on MD-80s since then. I've done a lot of stuff since working here. We do a lot of stuff with the actual airframe. The crew's kind of become a family when you're working together because you're here all the time. You work a lot, so you just become one big family.

It's a great career because it's, it challenges you every day. And depending on what you do, like the MROs, you're not going to do the same job every day. So, your scenery changes day by day. And it's just a lot of fun.

I'd recommend Spartan and AAR. They made the transition between going to school and starting your career really easy to handle.
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