Marissa Huybers

Marissa always knew that she wanted to have a career allowing her to work with her hands. While in high school, she saw a presentation about Spartan College in an auto shop class. After some research, Marissa was very interested and decided to take a leap of faith and move to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend Spartan for Nondestructive Testing Technology & Quality Control Management. After graduating from Spartan, with her Associates, Marissa is now working for Baker Hughes as a Quality Control Inspector.
I knew that a desk job would not be the correct career choice for me and so I decided to work with my hands. I'm a quality control inspector for Baker Hughes. My job involves reading prints and inspecting the equipment.

I was born and raised in California. I took auto shop in high school where I was presented the opportunity about Spartan. I wasn't quite sure what NDT (Nondestructive Testing Technology) was all about and when I researched it, I got very interested. And I decided to make the leap of faith and come here to Tulsa, OK and join the Spartan team.

I received my nondestructive testing diploma from Spartan. I continued my education in getting my quality control management degree.

My favorite class at Spartan was radiography. It was a really hands-on course. I had a great instructor – he had tons of knowledge in that career field.

You come to Spartan, you work hard, and you put all your effort, you're gonna get it all back in the long run.

Being a woman in this industry can sometimes be challenging and intimidating. If you want to prove yourself and work hard, you're just as good as anybody else in the industry.
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