Kymberly Logan

Kymberly grew up with a runway in her backyard in a small town in Kansas. At six months old she took her first flight and fell in love with aviation.

While visiting Spartan with her grandmother in 2004, Kymberly was encouraged by her grandmother saying that she could do anything she put her mind to. Kymberly then attended Spartan and found self-confidence within herself.

Currently, Kymberly is an Aircraft Mechanic at Elite Aircraft Service in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. She is challenged every day and finds empowerment in her career.
My name is Kymberly Logan. I am an aircraft mechanic at Elite Aircraft Service in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

I grew up in a small farm in southwest Kansas. We had a runway in the backyard. Started flying when I was six months old. I originally thought that I wanted to be an aircraft professional pilot, but I changed my mind when I walked through Spartan with my grandmother back in 2004.

We came walking through the hangars and she told me, I could do anything that I put my mind to. And when my grandma died of leukemia about five years ago, I decided to come back to Spartan, come to

Going through Spartan, my teachers helped me find my self-confidence. With my current job I get to do a little bit of everything. I get to find a fuel leak. I'm challenged by the occasional – burns oil too much. I have a daily challenge of that the airplane brings to me. I have to look at it as if I'm gonna find something new, I'm gonna find something wrong, so I can fix it.

And the teachers really prepared me to work in the industry. They gave their personal life experiences. They helped me figure out exactly where I wanted to be. I asked them for advice a lot.

Having women in the field is extremely important. It's a feeling of empowerment and also, a lot of determination is somewhat required, but you get that as you're going through school. It made me feel more confident about myself going through Spartan and going through the program. I learned a lot more about myself – and I'm an extremely confident woman now.

I would definitely recommend Spartan not only because has Spartan been around since 1928 but its name that's well known throughout the aviation industry.

For those who are thinking about coming to Spartan, I would definitely put it number one on your list. Come down, visit with people, visit with the students.
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