Joe Jardine

Joe Jardine testimonial

Year Graduated: 2021
Program: Aviation Maintenance Technology
Degree Earned: Associate
Name of Employer: CoFire aviation
Location of Employer: Fort Morgan, CO
Job Title: A&P mechanic

Why did you select Spartan College and your program of study?

I had heard of Spartan in the past, and saw their booth when attending aviation day at DIA in high school. I’ve always been passionate about aviation and fixing things, and when I decided to get my a&p, I knew I wanted to go to Spartan.

How did Spartan College successfully prepare you for your career?

I developed a very strong base for aircraft maintenance during my time at Spartan. I feel what I learned there has prepared me for the many different maintenance challenges I’ve seen so far in the field. The instructors were my favorite part, and I felt they went above and beyond to make sure I was ready.

Please describe your career path and how you got to where you are today (Including degrees earned).

Growing up, my dad was an air show and competitive world aerobatic pilot. My whole life has been aviation and I knew that’s what I wanted to spend my life pursuing. I got a job doing maintenance at a motocross track at 15 and spent the next six years learning what I could about fixing anything I could find. After high school I spent a year at Colorado university on an aerospace engineering scholarship, until I realized it wasn’t my avenue. At that point I applied for the A&P program at Spartan and began that fall. On April 20th, 2021 I finished my last exam, and started working as an A&P early the next morning at COFire aviation, where I’m currently employed.

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