Jesse Mitchell

Currently, serving in the Oklahoma Army National Guard, Jesse decided that he wanted a change in his life. After a friend mentioned Spartan College, Jesse became interested in the Nondestructive Testing Technology program. Jesse interviewed with Shawcor right before he graduated and was hired on the spot.

Jesse recommends Spartan to anyone that likes to learn and work with their hands. He states it’s paid off in leaps and bounds.
My name is Jesse Mitchell and I just graduated the Spartans NDT program today.

I'm from Tahlequah, Oklahoma originally. I was a police officer; I did that for six years. I was also in the Army for 14 years – still serving. But I decided I wanted a change in my life and a buddy of mine mentioned Spartans’ school.

I came up here and they recommended the NDT (Nondestructive Testing Technology) program, said it was right up my alley – real hands-on. It was something that was designed for the way I learned, and I decided to give it a try, and it's paid off just in leaps and bounds above anything I could have ever expected.

Shawcor came in, sat down with him, interviewed after a lecture believe it or not, handed him my resume and they loved it. I mean they hired me right on the spot. I am starting with Shawcor Industries as an assistant radiography technician and in the next 30 days I will be a radiographer with Shawcor Industries. To get to do radiography, which was my favorite part of this entire curriculum.

I'm an Oklahoma Army National Guard service member, so everything they've ingrained into me actually transferred over really well. Being a veteran, and a school being very veteran-friendly, I love that about this place. A lot of the instructors are veterans, have prior service experience. So, I was able to come to him and be like, “Hey sergeant, we're gonna dole this down a little bit and we're gonna pick this area up here.” Which was great because they kept me on track.

I definitely recommend Spartan to anybody that's willing to learn, and especially likes the hands-on portion.
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