Isaac Poteet

While in high school, Isaac took an aviation course and fell in love with aviation. After graduating high school, he chose to come to Spartan to pursue his dreams. Isaac now works for Flight Safety International in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Isaac recommends Spartan because Spartan prepared him to work in the field.
Hi, my name is Isaac Poteet. I'm a mechanic at Flight Safety International in Broken Arrow, OK.

In high school I took an aviation course as a freshman, and that was to fly. So, I took my first ever flight time as a freshman. I flew half an hour in the sky. Being that young taking your first flight, in a Cessna 150, is probably one of the coolest things you could ever think. And that's really what got me about loving aircraft.

And my mom said either get a job or go to school, so I looked at her, and I asked her, I said, “Can I pick the school of my choice?” And she said, “Yes.” So, I went online, and I looked up aviation schools because I knew I loved aircraft. that's what I wanted to do. First thing that popped up was Spartan. I filled out the application and that's how I became a Spartan.

I'm a mechanic at Flight Safety International in Broken Arrow. What we do is we build flight safety simulators for people who are training in the field, for aircraft such as Airbus, Boeing. We build aft cabinets and top cabinets, and those parts all go together to build the roof, the sides, the walls, the cabinets, everything to build the similar as is.

Spartan prepares you like they should. They make sure that you understand exactly what you're going to be doing in the field. Three months before I graduated, I had people here interviewing me and I had a job guaranteed, with a sign-on bonus, before I even graduated. If I had to do it all over again I would.
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