Deanna Cannon

Deanna Cannon, a second generation Spartan College graduate, recently graduated from the Non-Destructive Testing Technology (NDT) program.

She is now doing ultrasonic testing for Sabre Industries. Deanna recommends Spartan College’s Non-Destrutive Testing Technology program for the short program length that allowed her to get started in the industry quicker.

My name is Deanna Cannon. I did Nondestructive Testing (Technology) here at Spartan. I'm going to work for Saber Industries in Sioux City, Iowa.

How I learned about Spartan was my dad came to Spartan in the 1980s, and he did the AMT program and then Nondestructive Testing (Technology) program. He worked for American Airlines for 25 years and that just really got me started and being interested with it. I will be doing ultrasonic testing on wireless towers and utility poles.

My experience at Spartan, it has been great ever since day one. The day before I started school, I found I was pregnant, and they just were very helpful. Letting me know like what I could and couldn't do and I just stayed in contact with them and they worked with me.

I would definitely recommend Spartan’s NDT program because it only takes 11 months* to get through the program. So, after the 11 months* you can go ahead and get started in an industry.

The advice that I would go to future Spartan students is definitely get motivated to come to school. This is where it starts, where it shapes your career out in the industry.

*The NDT program at Spartan now only takes 10 months to complete.
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