Cody Ryan

My name is Cody Ryan. I am a certified ASNT Level 3 in UT and MT, and I'm currently a technical sales rep for Olympus America.

I actually learned about NDT (Nondestructive Testing Technology) through my stepdad, who was an A&P mechanic who came through Spartan back in the early 90’s.

I got my level twos within a year after graduating. I spent six years in the field as a technician and then I spent about two in a QA/QC role. And I got into sales when a position for Olympus opened up. Guys sell in NDT equipment and we specialize in eddy-current and ultrasound testing equipment.

It's been great. I love it – it's pretty easy transition. Having all that experience in the field really helps when it comes to sales. You know being able to troubleshoot with my customers and some of the ins and outs and all the features of the machines.

One thing that I really enjoyed about Spartan was having the hands-on training. Having the opportunity to go out and get some hands-on experience while you were in class was really nice.

The biggest advice I could give to anyone going through school now is to surround yourself with you know positive and successful people – people who have that same drive that you have. And, you know, want to you know make a great career out of what you're learning.
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