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For International Students:
Bachelor of Science in Technology Management - Online

Earn your Bachelor of Science in Technology Management (BSTM) online, on campus, or the flexibility of both. At Spartan College, we understand the need for our graduates to complete their bachelor’s degree in a convenient format.
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Students Thrive At Spartan

Designed for students who wish to strengthen their business and management acumen, this program attracts students (like you) who want to thrive within their preferred technical industries. If you’ve graduated with a technical degree(s) from Spartan College or other accredited institutions and have experience in the field, this program will give you the answers you’re looking for while earning your bachelor’s degree 
With our Spartan credit transfer policy working for you, you may be able to transfer up to thirty (30) credits of coursework in a technical field, whether from Spartan or another accredited institution 

Examples of these fields include:  

  • Automotive 
  • Aviation technicians 
  • Aviation Electronics/Avionics 
  • Construction 
  • Diesel 
  • HVAC 
  • Mechatronics 
  • Nondestructive testing technology 
  • Pilots 
  • Quality Control 
  • Welding 
  • And other technical specialties!
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Sample Classes

As a Technology Management student at Spartan, you’ll combine your technical training and work experience with education in communication, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking. Additionally, you’ll hone your business management skills to meet challenges in your field. This blend of training, experience, and education allows you to increase your knowledge and management skills.

Graduates of the Technology Management bachelor’s degree program are more well-rounded, and with experience working in the technology field, with newly expanded skills and knowledge to potentially help maintain, support, or advance your career.
MGT 3001 Fundamentals Of Management
3 Semester Credits
MGT 4003 International Business Practices
3 Semester Credits
CAR 2001 Career Exploration
1 Semester Credit
MGT 3001 Fundamentals Of Management
3 Semester Credits

This course is an introduction to management principles and techniques with a view toward developing essential skills in the field. Both the history of management and contemporary issues will be discussed. It prepares students for further studies in management.
MGT 4003 International Business Practices
3 Semester Credits

An in-depth study of managerial practices needed for business in today’s global marketplace. Subject areas include managerial theory and several special topics including a global perspective on management in the world economy. Case studies illustrating managerial problems and solutions are widely used.
CAR 2001 Career Exploration
1 Semester Credit

This course is designed to help pending graduates develop an effective approach to the job search process as they near graduation. The course emphasizes the understanding of industry expectations and job trends, assessing and developing skills for the workplace, developing a professional portfolio with cover letters and resumes, projecting professionalism, and the practical applications of networking.


Program Cost and Length

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Credit Hours

Bachelor of Science in Technology Management - $55,542 (no credits transferred) 
$39,782 (Example with 30 credits approved for transfer)


The program cost listed is from the 2021 V1 catalog and is subject to change. Sales tax will be charged for all applicable bookstore purchases. 


*Depending on the amount of approved transfer of credits, the remaining balance may vary. The College does not guarantee transfer credits. Please refer to the College Catalog for more information.

*Refer to the College Catalog for most up to date Transfer Credit Policy.

Admissions Criteria

Congratulations on deciding on a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management. To get started, let’s make sure you qualify.

In addition to the standard admission requirements, to enroll in the bachelor programs, you, as a technical, non-flight student, are required to have your diploma/degree completed and be working in or have previous experience in a technical field. To prove your work experience, you may be required to submit transcripts, certifications, and/or a detailed work history. 


For flight students to enroll in the bachelor program, you must have private pilot certification completed and be currently enrolled in a flight training program leading to Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating. 


The Dean of Academic Affairs works with the academic team and registration services to determine whether courses are appropriate for transfer to Spartan College as specific equivalent courses.


  1. Applicants must have the equivalent of a U.S. high school education. See for information related to translation and equivalency requirements.
  2. Applicants should have the funds available for tuition and living expenses prior to and while attending Spartan College. U.S. government regulations require that documents be submitted with the application to prove students have adequate financial support.
  1. Applicants should be able to meet all language requirements. Courses are taught in English. See section titled English Language Requirement in Admissions Policies.
  1. International applicants seeking to enter select programs are required to submit proof of a physical exam. Contact Spartan College’s admissions department for a copy of the approved physical form.
  2. Flight applicants who are not U.S. citizens or nationals will be required to complete the registration process and receive authorization from the Transportation Security Administration prior to beginning flight training. Register atgov.
  3. Students enrolling at Spartan College under contract with an international post-secondary institution or company must follow the requirements of the contract.


This is an overview and additional admissions, program, and disclosure information can be found in the College CatalogCatalog Supplement, and the Tulsa consumer information page.

International Student Scholarship

Piggy Bank

The is designed to help international students, like you, get started on their college journey. This scholarship will help finance a portion of the tuition needed to complete your program at Spartan College.


In order to qualify, you must:

  • Be enrolled in the Spartan bachelor’s program of study.
  • Write a 250‐word personal essay, in English, written legibly in ink or typewritten by the applicant. In the essay, explain the reasons for pursuing career‐oriented higher education in your program of choice at Spartan College.


Meet all admissions requirements to Spartan College outlined in the current college catalog.
If the number of scholarship applicants exceeds the number of established potential scholarships per campus and/or calendar year, the campus scholarship committee will determine the scholarships awarded.

Submission Procedure

We’ve broken down the steps to make sure you check all the boxes before you submit your scholarship application. To submit your scholarship application, you must:


  • Ensure all information on the scholarship application is fully completed and legible.
  • Sign the application and include an email address for notification of approval and/or receipt.
  • Submit all materials and supplementary documents together with all documents attached, or in one envelope. It’s recommended you keep copies of all documents submitted. Please note, incomplete application packets will not be accepted.
  • Submit and confirm receipt all scholarship documents (packet) by the campus Student Finance Department on or before the deadline(s) published of 7/31/2021.


For more details and to request an application, please contact Student Finance.

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