26 May 2016

Take off with Spartan’s Airline Pilot Training Program

At Spartan, we offer one of the most comprehensive and unique Professional Pilot Programs in the United States. You can start with 0 hours of flight time and earn a Private Pilot Certification, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate and a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) in only 17 months. You have the potential to be employed as a flight instructor while continuing on to your associate and bachelor’s degrees, all the while earning valuable flight hours. You can become an airline-ready pilot in as few as 33 months.

What does “Airline Ready” mean?Spartan 172 nose shot

  1. Obtain your required certifications during our 12-month diploma program
  2. Work as a Certified Flight Instructor while completing your bachelor’s degree
  3. Complete the necessary flight hours to obtain your Airline Transport Pilot certification (ATP) – Spartan graduates are certified to obtain their ATP with reduced flight hour minimums*

*Typically, graduates of our bachelor’s program, who work as Certified Flight Instructors during that program, earned at least 1200 flight hours.

What makes Spartan’s flight program better than traditional university programs?

See chart below.

Certificates and ratings that can be earned in our 17-month associate program are:

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Single-Engine Rating
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor Certificate
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate

Spartan’s flight training program and instruction are comprehensive, giving you the opportunity to learn every topic and skill necessary to be a safe and qualified pilot. In addition, our educational objective is to ensure that the education you receive covers all information required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Spartan offers FAA part 141 training, allowing students to work towards the certificates and ratings that meet their individual needs.

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