12 Nov 2013

Aviation Electronics Technology – Program Details

Aviation Electronics Technology (Diploma)
Associate of Applied Science Aviation Electronics Technology (Degree)
(Electronics Technician D.O.T. 828.261-022, 003.161-014, 726.687-010 and Avionics/UAV Technician 823.261-026)

These programs are designed to prepare graduates to become entry-level Electronics Technicians in any Technical field, Avionics Maintenance Technicians or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Maintenance Technicians in the Aerospace Industry. Through the use of industry-current training devices and curriculum developed for the next generation electronics and aircraft technicians, these students gain the technical skills sought after by employers in today’s advanced electronics and aerospace industries. Students study FAA regulations, learn to read and use aircraft maintenance manuals, and how to read and interpret aircraft commercial drawings and electronics schematics. They learn the proper use of basic tools and test equipment, study electronic theory, and have extensive hands-on training in the installation, troubleshooting, and repair of electronic and avionics systems. In addition, associate degree students focus on interpersonal skills such as oral and written communication, customer service and diversity in the workplace.


Tulsa Campus Diploma Program

Tulsa Campus Degree Program

Denver Campus Degree Program

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Aviation Electronics Technology Courses

AET Courses- Technical (Core)

Credits Diploma Program Degree Program
ELT1001  DC Fundamentals 4 Required Required
ELT1002  AC Theory and Control Devices 4 Required Required
ELT1003  Amplifiers and Power Control Devices 4 Required Required
ELT1004  Digital and Microcontroller Technology 4 Required Required
ELT1005  Industrial Controls and Robotics 4 Required Required
AVN2001  Aerospace Soldering and Inspection 4 Required Required
AVN2002  Aerospace Wiring 4 Required Required
AVN2003  Avionics Communications Systems 4 Required Required
AVN2004  Navigation & Instrumentation 4 Required Required
AVN2005  Radar and Pulse Communications 4 Required Required
AVN2006  System Integration 4 Required Required
AVN2007  Unmanned Aerial Systems and Robotics 4 Required
CAR2001  Career Exploration 1 Required

AET Courses- General Education

Credits Diploma Program Degree Program
MAT1001  College Mathematics 4 Required Required
PHY1001  College Physics 3 Required Required
SPH2001  Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3 Required
ENG1001  English Composition 3 Required
HIS1001   American History: 1865 to Present 3 Required
SOC1001  Modern Sociology 3 Required