24 Oct 2013

Aviation Electronics (Tulsa)

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Spartan’s Aviation Electronics Technology (AET) program can prepare you for an exciting career as an Electronics Systems Technician. You can complete an AET training diploma program in less than 14 months and an associate of applied science degree in less than 17 months.

As aircraft technology advances both with the electronic systems of traditional aircraft and the emerging technology related to the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), so does the need for certified technicians with expertise in the manufacturing, operation and maintenance of these systems. The FAA’s recent approval of many commercial applications for UAVs opens up new frontiers that are evolving and expanding the demand for electronic technicians. Spartan College’s AET program is one of the first electronics trade schools to specialize in this area by taking an electronics focus on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) which will include building, programming, and flying a UAV in autonomous flight.

Graduates of our Aviation Electronics Technology program are qualified to work in a variety of positions and industries ranging from Aerospace, Communications, Simulator Development, Robotics, UAV and beyond. The program is certified by the National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies (NCATT). Graduates are also prepared for Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) and Certified Electronics Technician (CET) certificates and licenses.


As technology in the aviation field continues to expand and the airways continue to grow more congested, pilots must rely on the competence and integrity of their aircraft electronics to keep the sky safe. Students enrolled in Spartan’s Avionics Maintenance Technology program will gain training in a wide range of technologies, such as:

  • Navigation systems
  • Autopilots
  • Weather radar
  • Flight simulation
  • Electronic flight instrument systems
  • Instrument landing
  • Air traffic control transponders

In addition, Students build their own electronic trainer, FM receiver, and more; including assembling and programming their own Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system. Train in our industry-current Aviation Electronics program and give yourself a competitive edge in the continually evolving aviation and electronics industry.

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