Do you like working with your hands? Do you enjoy paying close attention to details? Are you intrigued by all things mechanical? If you have an interest in aviation, then training to maintain and repair aircraft just might be your calling, especially if you have the personality for it. If you’re wondering, “What personality traits do aircraft mechanics have?”, here are some of the most common qualities they share.

Realistic, Conventional Outlook

People with a realistic approach to tasks are likely to make excellent aircraft mechanics because they enjoy hands-on work, especially when it can be done outside. Additionally, if you tend to be conventional, you may be cut out for maintaining, inspecting, and repairing aircraft. Conventional people are good at taking direction from others and do well in structured settings. They typically pay close attention to detail and are careful in their work.

Good Communication Skills

Aircraft mechanics have to provide thorough documentation of all the work they’ve done on a particular craft. Excellent written communication skills are a must. Good interpersonal skills will give you an advantage, too, if you have more ambitious goals.

Detail-Oriented Focus

Aircraft mechanics need to have a solid understanding of the various components of airplanes and rotorcraft and be able to fit all the pieces together. Professionals in this field are usually analytical and detail-oriented. Following steps in maintenance manuals and staying up to date on the evolution of technology are very important.

A Knack for Organizing

Those who are in charge of a small commercial aircraft fleet, are probably tasked with all aspects of managing inventory, conducting inspections and maintenance, and documenting problems that arise. Aircraft techs must know how to prioritize, keep supplies and records in order, and ensure that everything is accomplished in a timely fashion.

A Passion for Aviation

Having a love for whatever you choose to pursue is important to staying motivated and happy. A passion for the industry will motivate you to give your “all” to your work.

Would I Make a Good Aircraft Mechanic?

If you meet the above criteria, consider training to become an aircraft mechanic in our Aviation Maintenance Technology program. Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology offers several programs to help you accomplish your educational goals. Comprehensive coursework includes classroom instruction and hands-on career-oriented training. To learn more about this exciting field, contact us. If you’re ready to launch your training, apply online today.