What Makes an Aviation School FAA Approved?

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October 8, 2020
What Makes an Aviation School FAA Approved?

If you’re considering the field of aviation and aren’t sure where to go for training, it’s important to find a school that meets standards in terms of curriculum, operations, and safety. The Federal Aviation Administration sets guidelines that schools must follow to earn the federal government’s seal of approval. Consider three key indicators to look for in an FAA approved flight school, and how Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology meets these standards.


Aircraft Operation and Maintenance


Aircraft used by an approved Flight school must align with specific guidelines. When training on an aircraft, it must be:

  • A certified aircraft that meets all the airworthiness standards established by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Maintained and inspected per aircraft-used-for-hire guidelines
  • Equipped with two power-controlled pilot stations for flight training
  • Equipped and maintained according to both VFR (visual flight rule) and IFR (instrument flight rule) operations


An FAA approved flight school must provide detailed information about the facilities designated for instruction including classrooms and audio/visual aids. Flight schools have to furnish information about the aircraft used for instruction. Instructors’ qualifications and ratings must also be listed.


The FAA requires a syllabus for each course, which must include course objectives and assessments to determine students’ grasp of the material. Course structure and content demonstrate compliance with government regulations, too.


Safety Protocols and Instructor Qualifications


An FAA approved flight school has to verify that its operations include protocols to provide for the safety of students and instructors. Instructors are required to have the necessary certifications and experience. They also need to demonstrate that they can properly train students and evaluate their knowledge of the course.


How Spartan College Meets FAA Requirements


Spartan College is an FAA approved flight school. Our facilities use of tablet technology helps students to train on the skills and knowledge needed throughout their program. We follow all of the FAA standards to promote the safety of students and staff. Our programs include coursework that provides students with various hands-on training. Request more information today, or complete an online application to get started!

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