The Full Scoop on Trade School and the Training You’ll Receive

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March 1, 2021
The Full Scoop on Trade School and the Training You’ll Receive

Congratulations on considering Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology as your preferred trade school! A degree from Spartan College offers career-oriented training that may open up the possibility of future opportunities within the exciting fields of aviation, aeronautics, and technology. The following is a closer look at the benefits of a trade school education at Spartan, as well as the training it can provide you. 


What is a Trade School? 


trade school is a post-high school institution that focuses on specific job types. Driven individuals who know exactly what industry they want to enter can usually earn a degree from a trade school quicker than at a traditional four-year University while receiving more hands-on instruction in their chosen field. 


Instruction at Spartan College is geared toward specific training within the aeronauticsaviation, and technology industries. Some of our training programs have been in existence for nearly a century — almost as long as flight itself. A degree or diploma from Spartan proves that you have been taught the information and trained to perform the skills within the programs offered. 


Skilled Trades Available at Spartan College 


Aviation and aeronautics are expecting growth due to industry expansions and many older workers retiring from the field. A Spartan College degree will prepare individuals to be part of this exciting growth period. 


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for skilled aviation trade workers will grow by 5% through 2029, outpacing almost all other fields in the country. Boeing predicts that North America will need more than 100,000 new aviation technicians and more than 20,000 new civil aviation pilots between now and 2039. These are the exact types of trades a Spartan education can prepare you for. 


Aviation Maintenance Technology/Airframe & Powerplant 


A degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology prepares students who study and work hard to pass the Mechanic's Certificate* tests from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), including Airframe & Powerplant. If the thought of inspecting, modifying, repairing, or overhauling an airplane excites you, this is the vocational school and a training track you will be most interested in. 


As an Aviation Maintenance Technician, you will be ready to keep fixed-wing and rotorcraft safe and airworthy. Graduates know how to work on everything from aircraft engines and systems to the aircraft's structure. 

Training is available at our Oklahoma, Colorado, and California campuses. 

Aviation Electronics Technology (Avionics) 


An Aviation Electronics Technology (Avionics) degree from Spartan College prepares graduates for skilled trades within aeronautics and related fields. Students will receive classroom instruction and hands-on lab work on most of the electronic components within the aviation industry. This includes navigation equipment, communications equipment, gyroscopes, and aircraft instruments and controls. 


A degree in this field also prepares you to work on related systems such as drones, pulse microwave systems (radar), seat-back entertainment systems, and digital electronics. Avionics is a specific subset of electronics, with a dash of engineering thrown in. All the electronics systems in a modern aircraft need to be able to communicate with each other and function for safe flight operations and that's what an Aviation Electronics Technology graduate is trained to do. 


This degree track is available at both our Oklahoma and Colorado campuses. 


Nondestructive Testing Technology & Quality Control Management 


Graduates in this field are the glue an important part of the aviation, oil and gas, and manufacturing fields. Nondestructive testing involves exploring the components, shape, and function of critical parts (without destroying them, as the name implies) to ensure their safe function and durability. They learn to identify imperfections in components, inside and out. 


Spartan College trains students in the skills needed to conduct radiographic, eddy current, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, and visual testing of the fine machine parts and components of manufactured parts. They learn to spot potential hazards ahead of time to keep pilots and passengers safe. 


We offer a 10-month diploma in Nondestructive Testing Technology, as well as a 15-month Associate of Applied Science degree in Quality Control Management. Graduates are ready for entry-level testing and quality control investigations within the fields of aviation, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, and even railroads. 


Aviation Flight 


If you have ever dreamed of training to be a pilot, our campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma has a fleet of 40+ aircraft ready on dual runways at a tower-controlled airport. Our 17-month Associate of Applied Science degree in Aviation Flight prepares Spartan graduates to earn a number of different pilot certificates* and ratings from the FAA. 


For those who want even more training, Spartan offers a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management, which is designed for students who wish to strengthen their business and management acumen within technical industries. 


Our fleet of aircraft includes Piper Archers, Cessna 172s, and dual-engine Piper Seminoles. Our training facilities also have flight simulators and a full-motion advanced training device. The combination of on-the-ground and in-the-air training you receive exclusively at our Tulsa campus prepares you for entry-level flight opportunities such as certified flight instructor and with additional flight hours and certifications, you can apply for many different pilot trades. 


Technology Management** 


Graduates of Spartan College's trade school programs or skilled trade workers who want to add management training to their resume can apply for our Bachelor of Science in Technology Management program. This degree program can be completed at our Tulsa campus or online if you live within an authorized state. Some examples of trade backgrounds this degree was designed for include: Aviation, HVAC, Welding, Construction, Diesel, Mechatronics, Automotive and many others. 


Graduates of the Technology Management B.S. degree program are more well-rounded, and with experience working in a technical/trade field, will be more prepared for future opportunities including entry-level management. 


Benefits of Earning a Trade School Degree 


Most of the vocational school degrees at Spartan College can be earned in a shorter timeframe than at a traditional four year college or university. It might take four or more years to complete a traditional bachelor's degree, while you can earn diploma or degree from Spartan College in as little as 10 to 31 months, depending on which track you choose and if you have applicable, approved transferable credits. (Read about our transfer policy here.)  


You don't just receive a theoretical in-classroom education and training experience at Spartan — you do hands-on lab work that is directly related to your desired trade. Whether that means soldering the wiring inside a drone, repairing a navigation system, working on an airplane engine, or flying the plane itself, a trade school diploma or degree from Spartan prepares our graduates for entry-level opportunities in today’s world. 


Contact Us to Start the Enrollment Process 


If you are interested in a trade school degree from Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology, contact us to learn more about our programs or schedule a tour of one of our campuses. 


*Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology does not guarantee third-party certifications. Certification requirements for taking and passing certification examinations are not controlled by the College, but by outside agencies and are subject to change by the agencies without notice to the College. Therefore, the College cannot guarantee that graduates will be eligible to take certification examinations, regardless of their eligibility status upon enrollment. 

**Refer to the Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology catalog for a full entrance requirements. 

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