The Aircraft Mechanic Shortage: Retiring Boomers

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December 6, 2018
The Aircraft Mechanic Shortage: Retiring Boomers

When contemplating entering into a new career, you should know what the job outlook for your chosen field will be. When it comes to becoming an aircraft mechanic, aviation mechanic, or aviation technician, you should know the job market is growing and aviation maintenance technicians will be in high demand for the foreseeable future. This is due in large part to the aging Baby Boomer population and the changes in industry technology.


Retiring Boomers Providing Ideal Opportunity


As baby boomers begin to retire, the shortage of aviation mechanics keeps increasing. When you combine this fact with the modernization and projected expansion of the global airline fleet, you are forced to draw a single conclusion. If you have ever wanted to go to aviation school, now is the time.


The Projection: The Future Is Bright


According to a recent Oliver Wyman MRO Survey projection, the gap between the supply and demand in the aviation technician industry will reach a peak level of 9% by the year 2027. Boeing for reported their technician outlook that North American will need 189,000 maintenance personnel by 2037. During this time span, a record number of airplane maintenance technicians will reach retirement age, creating a shortage within the industry, ensuring long-term growth, and high job demand within the field in general. This means you are very likely to find employment that meets your satisfaction should you decide to go to an aviation mechanic school.


The Industry Is Changing, Adding to the Shortage of Skilled Workers


In addition to the departure of many skilled mechanics who are aging out of the job, the industry itself is changing as well, which is leaving more openings for newly trained, highly motivated individuals to enter the career field. The aviation maintenance technicians of tomorrow must be tech-savvy diagnosticians, which demands specific training. In addition, these aviation mechanics will need to be able to repair airplanes, of course, but will also need to collect necessary data to compose reports which will be used to predict future maintenance needs and must be able to utilize the latest in electrical and avionics systems. With these many changes taking place, 64% of aviation executives say they plan to hire aviation mechanics over the course of the next three years to get ahead of this anticipated drop off in the workforce. What all this information means for you is now is a great time to go to aviation school, or airplane mechanic school to become an aviation mechanic. The field is wide open and ready for your highly trained services.

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