4 Different Types of Flight School Training for Future Pilots

Spartan College Flight Students
June 17, 2020
4 Different Types of Flight School Training for Future Pilots

Training to become a pilot is a rewarding journey. There are many different types of flight school training available to those that are interested. The right path towards becoming a pilot can be very different for each individual, and it’s important to carefully go over the options offered at each school to make a proper decision. Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology offers a variety of flight training certifications at the Tulsa Flight Facility. Here is a look at a few of them:

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1. Private Pilot Certificate

This is the start of a pilot’s journey. Having a private pilot certificate (often referred to as a private pilot license) allows you to carry passengers in a simple two to four seater airplane. It’s ideal if your goal is to fly recreationally with friends and family. Once you earn your private certificate, you can earn instrument rating training to help you navigate safely in diverse weather conditions. This is an essential skill for all commercial pilots to learn.


2. Commercial Pilot Certificate

If you plan to pursue a career in flying, you must have a commercial pilot certificate. A commercial pilot acts as a pilot in command of an aircraft that is carrying passengers or property for compensation. Some examples of flying careers include banner towing, aerial photography, air-guide tours, and small single pilot cargo flights. Most of all, they are pretty fun and the view is great!


3. Airplane Multi-Engine

A commercial pilot license (certificate) alone is for a single engine aircraft, but with airplane multi-engine certification you will be able to fly larger and more complicated airplanes. If flying is your dream, this is the next milestone!


4. Flight Instructor Certification

Last but certainly not least, you can earn a certified flight instructor certificate if your desire is to teach students in flight schools like Spartan College. Do you like helping others succeed? Would you like to share your pilot expertise to the next generation? If so, then becoming a flight instructor might be a good fit. A flight instructor certificate will help get you there.


Soaring to new Possibilities

The Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Flight offered by Spartan College covers the necessary topics and training that may help students earn 6 FAA certifications. The program is designed to prepare students both technically and professionally for entry-level positions. 

All aviation training occurs at the Spartan College Flight Facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With dual runways and a fleet of about 45 aircrafts, Spartan College is well-equipped. Students may be airborne within a few weeks of starting, and students can even apply to become a Certified Flight Instructor after graduation to build flying hours for their FAA certifications. 


Are you ready to take the next step in achieving your piloting dreams? It starts with making the choice. Contact us at Spartan College to start your journey.

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