Pilot Training Discovery Day  | Tulsa Area | April 18th

In-Person Event
Flight Event
Our Flight Facility will host Discovery Day on 4/18! Join us to discover how to train to become a pilot & explore planes, simulators & more!
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About This Event

Join us at our Tulsa Flight Facility on Thursday, April 18 for a tour and speak to our team about our Aviation Flight program!

What to expect at our Discovery Day event

Learn about Spartan College and how we can train you to become a pilot. Find out what a day in a flight student's life is like and discover how to make your flight training goals a reality. Our admissions team is excited to talk training and will be available to field any questions and comments.

  • Meet and greet begins at 5pm
  • Presentation
  • Tour
Aviation Flight Program Overview

Find out more about training for your Associates of Applied Science Degree in Aviation Flight in as few as 17 months.

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