14 Mar 2019

Library (DEN)

Academic Excellence in Aviation

The library at Spartan Denver is geared toward an education in aviation and HVAC with hundreds of books and materials to support the school’s aviation electronics, airframe and powerplant, and HVAC programs. The library also catalogs professional journals, magazines, videos, CDs and DVDs and other various materials for student use.

Many of these materials can be accessed through networked computer catalogs and electronic databases. In addition, the libraries offer high levels of service to its patrons with access to special aviation indexes, directories of airports and online databases including national and international library holdings.

Other services offered through the aviation libraries:

  • Students may take the FAA Private Pilot Written Practice Test
  • Training in library usage, database retrieval, resume writing, and scholarship resources
  • Children’s books on aviation for students with children

Librarian: Morgan Breitenstein
Phone: (303) 410-2460