12 Mar 2015

Wingspan, The New Chandler Airpark Project

Eric Jay Toll outlines an exciting new development to Chandler’s aviation community with his article “Chandler Airpark lands $40M multi-tenant aviation building.”

The project was approved by the city council on February 12th, and will usher in a new era for aviation businesses at the Chandler airport.  The project is called Wingspan, and when complete will add 250,000 square feet of hangars and office space.  Many aviation businesses have already shown an interest in leasing space in the building, which will be completed over multiple stages.

Chandler airport has a lot of undeveloped land in the immediate areas surrounding the aerodrome, garnering interest from developers.  The city is currently pursuing federal money to pay for construction of a taxiway that will serve the Wingspan complex, and until that is complete, only the first phase will be complete.  This first phase consists of an 80,000-square foot hangar/office complex covering over a quarter of the 16-acre area designated for the project.

Wingspan will be located on the north side of the airport.  The first phase will be on the east side of Curtis Way and the second phase will be on the west side of Curtis Way.  This area is a primary development focus for the city right now due to the potential for new business.

The overall investment is expected to be $40 million and will be completed in five phases over the next three to five years.  The complex will contain seven two-story hangars and 28,000 square feet of office space.

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