18 Aug 2014

Why Louisiana Students Should Consider Attending Spartan College


Louisiana students interested in aviation and aeronautics will find that there are many prospective career fields to choose from. Not only does the field offer excellent job prospects for pilots, but there are exciting careers in nondestructive testing, quality control, avionics technology, and aviation maintenance to choose from. For Louisiana students, there are many different prospective flight schools to choose from, and making the right choice is essential. Spartan College offers the career-focused education that students need in order to achieve success within the field of aviation.

Why Choose Spartan?

There are many reasons why students who are looking for a Louisiana flight school should consider Spartan College. First, while the school has trained more than 90,000 pilots and technicians, they keep classes small. The student to instructor ratio is 24 to 1, and this ratio means a higher level of one-on-one education and hands-on training. The college offers student housingcareer services, and students who qualify can even attend using VA benefits. There are both academic and technical courses offered, and the college offers diploma, associate’s, and bachelor’s degree programs.

Get the Career You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Whether you want to work for a Certified Repair station, an OEM company, a flight school, or elsewhere within the industry, you will find that Spartan can do more than just prepare you for a new and exciting career. There are more than 75 Louisiana employers in our database of employers who can and do hire Spartan graduates. Companies that have recently hired some of our grads range from branches of the United States military to Lean Drilling Systems, Smith Oil Company, Southwest United Industries, and more. If you are looking to launch your dream career in aeronautics or aviation, Spartan College can help. Offering a top quality education and student employment assistance, we can help you get started on the path to career success!