06 Dec 2016

Why Being a Pilot Is Best

An airline pilot has one of the best jobs in the world. Besides a chance to travel the world and explore amazing foreign cultures, pilots can make a solid salary. First year salaries range from $25,000 to over $50,000 per year. Your annual salary could grow to nearly $200-300,000 if you work for a company for over 10-15 years. Retirement and benefit packages for pilots often exceed those found in other professions. Such high earnings and excellent perks are some of the best parts of being a pilot.

 The work schedule can be surprisingly great as well. An airline pilot may only work 8 days out of an entire month. A pilot’s job is finished once he leaves the plane. Which means that when a pilot is home, he is truly home. For pilots, plane tickets are always reduced and often free. Hotel and car rentals rates are also lower. And, because a pilot may only work a few days out of a month, he or she actually has time to use these benefits.

 Despite these attractive perks, many pilots would tell you the best part of working as a commercial pilot is the chance to be paid to do what you love – fly. Nothing beats the satisfaction of showing up to a job you find emotionally fulfilling, financially rewarding, and totally enjoyable.

 For many pilots, one of the best parts of their job is the breathtaking office view. Sitting in the cockpit affords unparalleled views of sunsets and sunrises that are like nothing else on earth. On a regular basis, pilots have a chance to enjoy incredible landscapes that employees stuck in cubicles can only dream of.

 Attending flight programs at Spartan College will help you get those pilot perks. The flight programs at Spartan’s Tulsa, Oklahoma campus are designed to make you “airline ready” in a mere 33 months. This means you can obtain the required certifications during the 12-month diploma program to become a Certified Flight Instructor.  Then, while completing your bachelor’s degree you can work as a Certified Flight Instructor. During this time you can complete the necessary flight hours to obtain your ATP.

 The flight school is uniquely designed for optimum utilization of flight hours toward the completion of the pilot program. Spartan’s comprehensive flight programs cover every topic and skill necessary. In other words, you can become a safe and qualified pilot in record time.