HVAC technicians on the job
16 Mar 2017

What Goes Into A Career In HVAC

HVACs are considered an absolute necessity in maintaining a highly efficient climate control and refrigeration system in residential, commercial and industrial buildings of all kinds. These complex systems have to be regularly maintained by certified professionals trained in institutes that offer an HVAC program in Denver.

Why choose the HVAC program in Denver?

The Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) training program offered at the Spartan college of Aeronautics and Technology, previously known as Redstone College, has been designed to help you learn a skill that, in addition to being highly sought after, is also quite lucrative.

The HVAC program in Denver has been designed to offer a very fast tracked and career-focused curriculum so that you would be able to jump-start your career as quickly as possible. This is why the course work is oriented to the practical rather than the theoretical side of HVAC installation, repairs and day to day maintenance. Hands-on training is offered under the personal mentoring of highly experienced working professionals in the field.

Furthermore, due to the fact that practical know-how is given more preference over bookish knowledge regarding abstract theories, the HVAC program in Denver prepares graduates for entry-level HVAC positions in this field with a diploma in just 10 months of joining the college, or alternatively with an associate degree in 17 months from date of admission.

The state of the art lab at Spartan College is fully equipped with multiple forced-air gas furnaces and split-systems as well as chillers, commercial and industrial boilers and other heavy duty HVAC equipment to give you hands-on` simulated experience as to what you would actually encounter once you are in the field.

What to expect in the field

All Spartan College certified HVAC technicians would be fully equipped to work in the core three areas of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC). Once you are suitably equipped with a Spartan College diploma (or a degree) in this field, your primary job description would be the installation, maintenance, and repair of heating and cooling units, as well as refrigeration systems.

Such systems have a multitude of mechanical as well as electronic parts that require the services of skilled and well-trained professionals who have the requisite knowledge of taking care of such complex machinery. Now you too can acquire such skills by enrolling at the HVAC program in Denver.