Aircraft flying into sunset
23 Jan 2015

USA Today Will now Feature 30 Aviation Photos Once a Month in their “Today in the Sky” Section

On January 7, 2015, USA Today newspaper unveiled a new monthly feature as part of their “Today in the Sky” section.  This new feature was designed to appease the readers of that popular section who like to not only read about aviation news, but like to look at interesting aviation photos from around the world too.

The special first edition photos were taken by their own “Today in the Sky” contributor, Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren. Among the 30 photos featured by him in the submission were a photo of the first 747 with a fresh coat of paint at the Museum of Flight, a photo of a specially designed Boeing 747 Aircraft, the Dreamlifter, that hauls parts for their new Dreamliner aircraft, a photo of the new swimming pool that travelers can use at the airport in Doha, Qatar and a photo of the mountains near Salt Lake City providing a colorful backdrop to the Airport there.

Each month the feature will showcase some of the best photo’s that were taken during the previous month. Future editions of the monthly photos will also be made up of user submissions. They encourage their readers to submit their photos via the ‘Your Take’ feature on their website.

The newspaper has stated that the photo submissions will remain a monthly part of the “Today in the Sky” section as long as it proves to be popular.