09 Feb 2015

Programs Offered (TUL)

Our comprehensive aviation programs can provide students with the competency and skills necessary to be competitive and highly employable in their chosen professions. Spartan offers several aviation training programs.

Each program is designed to offer a broad set of general job skill competencies, hands-on learning experiences and classroom lectures by our experienced instructors. At Spartan College, we realize many of our students need to work part time and full time. In order to assist our students, we offer a full range of student services, such as student housing, scholarship opportunities, job assistance while attending and career services upon graduation, libraries and activity centers, and financial aid to those who qualify. Thanks to our enduring dedication to the pursuit of excellence, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology offers a unique student experience in building your career in the aeronautics and aviation industry. Take your passion for aeronautics to Spartan College! Contact us today to learn how you can start your training.