25 Oct 2013

Library Learning Resource Center (Tulsa)

Academic Excellence in the Aviation Industry

Spartan College Campus Library System in Tulsa, OK, supports the educational endeavors of the students, faculty, and staff. The Library System provides books, DVDs, interactive websites, and journals to support the various programs: Aviation Flight, Aviation Electronics Technology (avionics), Nondestructive Testing Technology, Quality Control Management, Aviation Maintenance Technology, and Bachelor of Science Technology Management.

The Library is a visible hub for students, faculty, staff, and resources to intersect. The library also offers high levels of service to our patrons with access to unique aviation indexes, directories of airports, and online databases, including national and international library holdings accessed through WorldCat. These resources serve students and faculty who are off-campus, as well.

Our participation in the OK-Share card program links the Spartan College Library System with other Oklahoma College and University libraries. Courtesy cards are issued to Spartan patrons for additional research sources from the participating libraries.

Click here to visit the Spartan Tulsa Library Resource Center.

Other services offered through the Library Resources Center:

  • Tutoring available
  • FAA Practice Tests
  • Training in library usage, database retrieval, resume writing, and scholarship resources
  • Group study sessions
  • Study room
  • AMT, ASNT, AEA Society Meeting site