17 Jul 2014

Texas Residents Considering to Attend Spartan Aviation School

Thinking about applying to a Texas Flight School? Spartan College Accommodates Out-of-State Students  


Texas residents seeking to pursue a career in aviation have tremendous opportunities in aviation when they graduate. The rapidly growing aviation business requires not just pilots and mechanics, but also the various staff members to support them including avionics technicians, research and development specialists, aviation management, and others.

Spartan, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, helps students from Texas transition into our frlight school by providing an easy transition with amenities like:

Throughout the year, Spartan is networking with numerous employers in need to fill their positions with qualified Texas graduates from Spartan’s flight programs.

Just in Texas alone, there are over 280 companies that have employed or could employ Spartan graduates. These aviation companies range from certified repair stations, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), fixed based operators (FBO), certified flight schools, regional air carriers, national air carriers, helicopter companies, charter services, and cargo operators. It is not just aviation firms seeking Spartan graduates, there are also other types of firms looking to recruit from Spartan, and they include information technology, power generation, and integrated petroleum firms. Some of the most recognizable names of employers on our list include ConocoPhillips, CSC, General Dynamics, Penske, Siemens Power Generation, Texas Instruments, just to name a few. These employers are scattered across the state of Texas, including the major cities of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio (read the full list here).

Spartan College has one of the highest rates of graduate placement on record in the aviation industry with 92% of graduates successfully finding positions. The world-class career services department at Spartan is actively networking with employers so placement opportunities are available when students are ready to seek positions. Spartan career services department offers career strategy seminars, resume preparation, cover letter writing, on-campus career fairs, assistance with job applications, job interview guidance and other services. With these services, Spartan students from Texas have the best chance to pursue a career in aviation.