Sunny Randhawa

Sunny graduated from Spartan’s Inland Empire area campus in June of 2017. Currently, he is employed by West Coast Air Creations as a Fabricator – Shop Assistant working with World War II-era vintage aircraft. Sunny’s favorite thing about working for West Coast Air Creations is building custom parts and being able to use his talent.

Sunny recommends Spartan because Spartan taught him the core fundamentals that he uses daily.


Hi, my name is Harpreet –and I go by Sunny. Currently, I work at West Coast Air Creations. I work as a fabricator shop assistant. 

We work on World War II, vintage aircraft.  We fabricate fabric on them. We do mechanical work, engine work.  

I'm a native Californian; I've always lived in California.  I love the weather here. And I fell in love with aviation.  

The best things that I like, where work at, is the ability to be able to be creative with it. Because there are no set parameters that we have to follow with these vintage aircrafts – we can build our own custom parts. They can be anywhere from parts that are for the engine baffle – or the gauge cluster! We have the ability to use our talent that we have to make it better. 

I found out about Spartan a long time ago. This was one of the schools that I knew about that was in the industry that's very well-known and there was no other option for me. Spartan was going to be it and  as far as my experience at Spartan – it's been outstanding.  

Spartan training. Spartan school. The culture. The people. It is absolutely essential for someone that  wants to come into the field because it teaches you the core. And there's so much learning right, just before how to use wrenches and work on airplanes. There's more to that and this place has it.  

It feels absolutely amazing to graduate. All that hard work. All the time. The struggles in life that normal people have. Being able to overcome that and being at the end is very fruitful, very rewarding.

*The Inland Empire area campus is a branch of our Inglewood campus.
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