Joe Christopherson

Joe Christopherson, our most recent Spartan College Hybrid graduate, now works for SkyWest Airlines. His dream job was to work around planes.

Joe recommends Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology’s hybrid option because it allowed him to do *13 months online before coming to Tulsa for the *7 months of hands on education.

*Program months are subject to change.
Hi, my name is Joe and I'm an aviation maintenance technician for SkyWest Airlines.

I love working around planes; it's my dream job. There's nothing else really, I'd want to go to school for.

The hybrid program worked where I did my 13 months online and then after that I came to Tulsa, OK on ground for seven months to get my AMT diploma.

It was perfect for me because I couldn't get away, I couldn't do the whole program here. I had job offers even before I graduated. It prepared me for my dream career in aviation.

I loved going to Spartan. It helped me to be knowledgeable – how aircraft work, how to repair aircraft.

I'd recommend it to anybody.
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