03 Dec 2013

Military FAQ

Q: How much will I receive from the V.A.?

A. The amount of benefits from the G.I. Bill will vary depending on any “kickers”, college funds, D.O.D. benefits, etc. Your best source is to call the Veterans Administration at 1-888-GIBILL-1 and give them your service number (which is your social security number) to determine the amount. Also, you need to check your enlistment papers to determine if you have the college funds.

Q: How do I apply for these benefits?

A. Veterans or current active military should contact their transition officer to review which program(s) they may or may not qualify for assistance and/or visit gibill.va.gov to create account as a new user.

Q: How long does it take to receive a check?

A. At the present time, it is taking about 45 days to process the G.I. Bill.

Q: How do I find a unit (Reservists) in the Spartan area?

A. Your present unit should be able to assist in transferring you to a unit in the Tulsa, OK or Denver, CO areas. If you are close to your home unit, you may elect to serve there. Our Veterans Certifying Official can also assist with this.

Q: Is the dependent of a Veteran eligible for benefits?

A. If the Veteran is 100% disabled due to a service related disability, the dependants (and sometimes a spouse) are eligible for benefits.  Dependents of military personnel qualify to have their Application Fee reduced from $100 to only $25.  Active duty, reserve and veterans qualify to have the entire $100 application fee waived.

Q: Am I eligible for V.A. Rehab?

A. If you have a service related injury or disability, you may apply for V.A. Rehab. The process can sometimes be lengthy; however, the best way to start is to contact the V.A. at 1-800-827-1000 and our Veterans Certifying Official for assistance.

Q: I am a Reservist, which program is best for me to use?

A. There are several programs available to Reservists. Please contact your Education Officer at your unit. They are familiar with all of the current programs.

Q: I am not sure if I am eligible, can I apply anyway?

A. Yes, the Veterans Administration will determine eligibility.

Q: Can I receive any credit at Spartan for my military experience/training?

A. Students with military experience may be able to receive advance standing credit for his or her experience. Students desiring to be awarded advanced standing credit for school, military, or work experience should submit the appropriate documents verifying the experience to the Registrar for evaluation. Students will then be referred to the appropriate academic department head(s) for final evaluation and scheduling of bypass exam(s).